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pearl strand, Pearl Amethyst Quartz Statement Necklace with Large Faceted Purple Quartz Double Pearls Mothers Day Jewelry



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A surprisingly bold and unique beauty - like yours. Another fabulous strand in my "not-your-grandmother's-pearls" series. \r\rEach genuine pearl in this choker length strand is lustrous and organic in shape. These pearls are so organic and bumpy in shape that they are known in the industry as 'Peanut' or double pearls. The organic shape of the pearls lends a more natural look to the piece.\r\rAnd to accentuate that natural and modern look, I've added a large, irregularly shaped and faceted, purple quartz stone. It has a high polish and broad facets and a medium purple color. Lots of internal sparkling 'threads'. This beauty is about 1" x 3/4". \r\rClosure needed to be natural as well, so I've used a large biwa (stick) pearl button/toggle on a silver bead stack with a self loop of tiny silver beads. \r\rPearls, yes, but sensual in a playful way - not at all stiff or formal.\r\rPearls average 10mm - 15mm long ea.. Necklace about 17.75" long.\r\rHere are more of my Pearl Necklaces: http://www./shop/randitan?section_id=5218443&ga_search_query=Pearls&ga_search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5122113, amethyst

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