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french antique, 1897-1920 French Ormolu Bronze Seal by Frederic Debon



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Offered is an antique French bronze vermeil wax seal by Frederic Debon. The 19th century seal features an elegant design of classic French antiques. Solid bronze, it is marked 'FRANCE' and 'DEBON'. Condition is near perfect and it weight at over 275 grams. Seemingly rare by this artist who was a prize-winning bronze sculptor in his time. Extraordinary in every way. Heavy and feels good in the hand. A great ornament for desk or home.Price is firm.Dimensions: 3.5"Weight: 275+ gramsCheck out some of my other antiques here:http://www./shop/neurorocker?section_id=6783279Or just browse around the shop!http://www./shop/neurorocker, wax seal

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