Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue necklace with African and Asian beads - rustic glass beads antique look ethnic necklace, jeans blue - approx. 43.5-45 cm



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ethnic necklace in rustic lookThe highlight of this necklace is the large elongated melon bead in the middle. It is a replica of ancient glass beads from Java with corresponding patina. Surrounded by 2 Tuaregbronze hollow beads from Mali, blue Indonesian glass beads with white patina, Indonesian blue melon beads and larger recycled glass beads from Ghana, the bright center pearl is surrounded by 2 Tuaregbronze hollow beads from Mali.Great to jeans.Mounted on 49-strand jewelry wire. Bronze-coloured intermediate parts, pearl caps and carabiner clasp.Irregularities in the shape, colour and texture of the pearls are intentional and partly due to old age and therefore do not represent a defect, but reveal the special charm of this piece of jewellery in a beautiful way.Unique unique.A perfect gift for someone who appreciates the special and unique.The chain can be adjustable between approx. 44.7 and 46.5 cm. I would be happy to add a few more rings.Size of melon bead in the middle: approx. 32 x 15 mmMatching the necklace there is also a bracelet in the shop (see last picture).Shipping is nicely packaged., tribal

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