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salt bowl, Little Bowls - Copper and Enamel



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What would you use such a wee cute \u201cLittle Bowl\u201d for? \ud83e\udd14- They are perfect for holding rings (especially bands).- Pretty little salt bowls anyone?- They MIGHT (please don\u2019t hold me to this) work for burning cone incense...?- Air plant home- Altar accessory- Chakra work- Organizing all the small things- Makes a thoughtful giftOkay, you get it already \u2728\ud83e\udd17\u2728Each bowl is forged by hand from 18g copper and measures 2.25\u201d across and is 1/2 inch tall and has a flat bottom for stability. The torch-fired enamel finish is created one at a time and makes each bowl unique. Each bowl has the LCxBM mark handstamped on the bottom. Some bowls have been sprinkled with \u201cpixie dust\u201d which is a combination of Sterling silver and copper dust collected after sawing. Please select bowl from the drop down using the photo with the number + color that corresponds with the bowl. *** HANDLE WITH CARE: Enamel on metal is sensitive to temperature extremes. ***** Includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(An $8.30 value. Domestic orders only.), small bowl

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