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Necklace 18\u201d Earrings 1 \u00bd\u201d DropThis elegant necklace and earrings set marries the beauty of carved natural jasper stones, hematite tubes and Swarovski crystals. As shown in the pictures, due to the character of natural stones, one of the jasper squares shows more of the natural markings on the back of the stone piece. This does not affect the durability of the necklace.JASPER \u2013Jasper is said to provide protection, to have a calming effect and helps you work with heavy negativity. Jasper aids in stamina and enables us to endure situations that could be considered draining. Stabilizes emotions, reduces fears and insecurities.HEMATITE \u2013 Hematite is called the \u201cstone of the mind\u201d and is considered the most grounding of all stones. Dissolves negative energy and works as a shield of armor for any person or thing, for optimize, courage, personal magnetism. It will bring balance to body, mind and spirit., sparkle

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