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A vintage earring was used as the focal of this beaded glass necklace. The earrings were given to me many years ago, but never used. It appears to be made of a light weight wood and hand painted with the fish in fish bowl design. \r\rThe pendant part of this necklace measures 1 1/2 inches from the top of the cats ears to the bottom of the fish bowl.\r\rThe beads of this necklace are 4mm black glass beads. Every 11th bead has a black crystal, oval oval shaped, faceted bead. They are hard to see in my photos. They are a narrower than the 4mm round beads. They catch the light and sparkle at bit due to their facets. The necklace measures 18.5 inches long. The hook and eye clasp is sterling silver. The necklace in not completed at this moment, so I can make a bit longer or shorter, if needed. Silver bullion wire will be used to cover the beading wire, giving it a more professional look and added strength. The green beads will cover the mechanics of the necklace (knots, glue, crimp beads). Green could be changed to another color, if buyer requests. \r\rI want everyone to be happy with items I have hand made, so I would be happy to return your payment, EXCLUDING the shipping costs.\r\rMy jewelry is presented on a display card., beads

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